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SEO meets socialization

Ever thought about how socialization site influence your website?

Social media marketing is expected to dominate this year - so much so that 81% of CMOs plan to link their annual revenues to their social media investment, according to a recent survey by The CMO Club and Bazaarvoice. But the growing list of online social media sites makes choosing the right route complicated. From Facebook to YouTube to Digg and beyond, which media outlets will net the most bang for the buck in terms of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic, and SEO?

People today are babbling about “temporal link analysis”, blather, blither, creepy-poo stuff. These are concepts, not algorithms. The algorithms are not published, not shared openly, and no one in the search engine optimization industry has a clue as to what they are talking about when they try to describe “search engine algorithms”.
A search engine has more than one algorithm. Today’s major search engines use crawling algorithm(s), indexing algorithm(s), data management algorithm(s), Web service algorithm(s), inter-data center communication algorithm(s), query resolution algorithm(s), user-behavior evaluating algorithm(s), trend analysis algorithm(s), and so on and so forth...

For an analysis of which social media tools are your best bet, you can find below the 97th Floor's take on 10 social network choices.

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