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Google Chrome Smooth Gestures spyware

Recently, we gave up on FireFox and switched to Google Chrome. FireFox became extremely slow and was really slowing us down.

Now, in Chrome, we had to add all extensions we were used to have in FireFox, so we came across Smooth Gestures.

Lucky, we are developers and we are using Developer Tools (F12) in Chrome, so we could see all the calls (authorized and not-authorized) from our browser.

The call is what most of us call a spyware. It wasn't found by BitDefender and was called for every single page we were accessing.


Uninstall Smooth Gestures from Chrome.

Cannot find the issue? You might want to clear your screen

Recently i got stucked on an issue that i've spent several hours on it and could not find the fix for it. At some time i was definetly convinced it was a bug in the extJS library i was working with.
Such a simple thing did not work as expected and was driving me insane.

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Learning Chinese

Since many of the IT people are looking to start a business in China, we decided it's time to start learning Chinese. Since we have so good prices for outsourcing we are thinking we can make serious competition to Chinese people.

However, knowing your competitors is a big step ahead, so, we learned a few Chinese words - something to start with.

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