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Joomla: Remove article title from Read More links

There are a lot of answers on how to change the Read More link in Joomla 1.5x, vut could not find a good one for Joomla 2.5x.

In Joomla 2.5, the read more link contains the 'Read More' text plus the article title. Now, this can be annoying to have the article title there, and if you want to remove it, here is what you need to do.

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Product attributes in Magento vs Virtuemart

Magento offers many features that VirtueMart does not, one of them being the possibility to navigate by custom attributes - the so called "Layered Navigation". You can easily recognize it when you see "Shop By".

Compared to Magento, VirtueMart is a child's play, although it might interest you due to its simplicity. Very easy to install, VirtueMart is the best solution when it comes to junior e-commerce administrators. But you might consider the effort to learn some of the Magento features, since it is becoming the best e-commerce platform.

In VirtueMart, product attributes refers to adding some configurable criteria for a product (and optionally - managing stock values for them). Take for example the attributes Size and Color. You have to define them for each of VirtueMart's products, unless you create a parent product and derive other products from it.
In front-end, these attributes ask the buyer to precisely select the desired configuration of Size and Color for a product. Price of that product can change with various combinations.

In Magento, attributes have two uses:
1 - using attributes for configurable products. We can use the same Size and Color attributes to create a configurable product with various Sizes and Colors. (this behaviour is similar to VirtueMart's concept)
2 - using attributes for a custom product field, an informative field, for which we can filter products by (in layered navigation)

Magento creates the delimitation of configurable products from attributes. You can use attributes to create a configurable product, or you can simply use attributes in layered navigation.

Joomla articles images and Joomfish

joomla insert image dialog

We all noticed that Joomla html editors (whatever it may be - TinyMce - the default one, or JCE) are replacing the absolute path of images (whether they are http://www.... or /images/...).

The image URL is always saved as "images/my_folder/my-picture.jpg" (relative path).

This is okay if we do not install Joomfish in Joomla which will display our articles with custom paths. These custom paths from the links are messing the images if they use the default paths (as they are saved by Joomla editors). We will not see the images, but just the ALTtag of the images instead. A workaround is to disable the HTML Editor from Site - Global Configuration and put the absolute path in the article. But this is difficult, since we are "reading" HTML code.

The solution is simple, all you need to do is set the Plugin - System SEF to Enabled. Images will be saved as before, just that they will now properly display in the frontend. That's it.