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Buna ziua Brasov - full CMS for a local newspaper

Quicklist of a few of the features

Custom PSD to HTML Template

The design although appearing to be very simple and plain is the product of many updates and fine tuning combining CSS3 and JS to dynamic updates, because when you deal with newspaper and generally print designers the fonts, line-heights, spaces have to be exactly as "designed" even if the web is a much more scalable and dynamic environment and even if sometimes that just doesn't make sense or is realy close to impossible to achieve

Cacheing engine

The use of a PHP cacheing was implemented for dealing with information that had to be updated once a day (or in some cases even less frequent) by extracting a few records from queries that generate over 200.000 results each time, making the highly intense process to be reduced to almost nothing in terms of speed and use of resources.

Live view of the print version of the newspaper

The new website has the live view of the print version of the newspaper on top of the homepage making it easy to go through major titles of the edition, as well as an archive with the live views of older editions, apart from the regular archive.

Custom built Administration

The backend is fully customized to the need of editors (who are always in a hurry and need things done in an instant) to be as simple and straightforward as possible but in the same time very flexible and powerfull to add / edit / delete and overall manage editions, articles and the new photo and video galleries, social events and other content; extended from an inhouse developed administration framework build with powerfull third-party helpers like twitter bootstrap, the jQuery framework (and jQuery File Uploader), Fancybox, CKEditor, the administration area is focused on simplicity, speed, reliability, user-friendly design and also developer-friendly code, being very easy to extend and aadpt to projects large and small.

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