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Here is a quicklist of the main features

Custom PSD Template integrated

psd template


Well, this was something... quite difficult to create the full css/html elements from the PSD file, especially since almost every page had a different layout. Not to mention the client is a designer, so imagine a pixel-perfect matching template - web page.

However, overall it came out very nicely and we are proud with the result.


Facebook and Google+ login

facebook login and google+ login


We integrated Facebook Login and Google+ login. Although the initial request was to integrate Facebook and Twitter, we choosed Google+ instead of Twitter since the Twitter API do not give us - the developers the twitter's user email address. (kind of lame if you ask me, since the user gives his permission for the application, anyway).

User's profile is fetched automatically from Facebook/Google when the user chooses to login with any of these. This information include picture, email address and country


New Twitter API for fetching tweets



We had nicely displayed tweets from and a random airline on homepage. Since smart-guys from Twitter choosed to change their API, this stop functioning. We had to rewrite the code to keep functionality.


Live jQuery upload and thumbnail display

jquery upload


We are uploading pictures using jQuery and displaying their tweets in real-time, without refreshing the page. This is a quite nice feature that saves user's time by uploading pictures as soon as they select a file. Displaying the picture thumbnail helps user to easily identify which files he has already selected.


Full administration area

administration panel


Full content management system is provided with possibility to add/edit/delete any content item from the website.