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  • Question: How much does a website cost?
    Answer: There is not a fixed price for a website. Websites can be extremely simple to extremely complicated. Therefore, asking for a price before telling us what should your website do is useless. You will have to provide us with a list of requirements, a list of other similar sites you want to copy one or more functionalities from, a timeframe we should finish your website and some thoughts on the design, webhosting and site administration
  • Question: What kind of sites can you do?
    Answer: Any kind of site as long as it uses PHP, HTML, Javascript and MySQL. We can also work with XML or other data formats.
    To be more precise, we can do:
    • personal websites
    • on-line stores (electronics, books, health products, services)
    • communities portals
    • dating websites
    • company/organization website
    • data analysis/reporting websites
    • on-line streaming websites (audio/video)
    • on-line auction/bidding systems
  • Question: What techonologies are you familiar with?
    Answer: We are a team of fast-learning young people and can work with theoretically any technology you need, but we are very good with:
    • Code Igniter
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • extJS
    • jQuery
    • CSS
    • Photoshop
    • Magento
    • X-Cart
  •  Question: Do you work only per-project, or per-hour as well?
    Answer: We work per-hour as well. We can use any of the existing intermediary websites (like Freelance, oDesk, eLance, Guru, vWorker, GetACode, etc) for hourly jobs. We will agree to a price per hour and after this, you tell us what to do.
    References, profiles and other details can be given on request, please contact us for this.
  • Question: What should i do if there is something to be addressed to my website after you create it?
    Answer: We usually have a contract which offers one to three months free support and bug fixes. After this, we can work on your new requests/issues on a per hour basis, or per iterations.