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Specializedin: CodeIgniter, extJS 3.x, Joomla, strong knowledge of SQL queries.

About: graduated FEAA at Alexandru-Ioan-Cuza Univerity, Iasi, Economy Informatics in 2004, worked for 6 years in desktop-programming before switching to websites programming, last occupied position was as PM of PHP division at BTCG, having 8 programmers to work with. For about 3 years he founded ArtSoftSolutions and started his carrier as a freelancer, currently living in Bucharest.

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator for SQL Server 2005



alex titire web developer

Specialized in: CodeIgniter, jQuery, CSS, Adobe Photoshop

About: over 6 year experience in web development, successfully delivering websites and applications to clients from Europe and USA, using well-known as well as custom built frameworks to provide the best user experience in the front-end as well as in the back-end of any application, is currently working as a freelancer in collaboration with ArtSoftSolutions



andrei carpatiuc

Specialized in: Codeigniter, PHP/MySQL, JQuery, CSS,Wordpress, Joomla

About: Over 6 years of experience in Web development working with various clients from Romania and abroad, building simple websites and complex web-applications using well known frameworks and CMS but also building my own backend Manageent system (if necessary). Working as a web developer in collaboration with ArtSoftSolutions for the last 3 years